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Meet an author: Gracen Miller


Howdy, y’all! I’m Gracen Miller and I’m a hopeless daydreamer masquerading as a “normal” person in southern society. Yep, that’s right, if you were reading between the lines of that sentence you realize everyone that knows me in real life thinks I’m a freak. I proudly wave my freak flag. I have an unusual relationship with my muse, Dom, but I also credit all my creative success to his brilliant mind. Sometimes I’m blown away by the stuff he gives me. I’m addicted to coffee, writing, paranormal romance novels and movies, Alabama football—Roll Tide Y’all!—and did I mention coffee? Many of my worlds are spawned from coffee highs and Dom’s aggressive demands. I write in multiple genres—dystopian romance, rock star romance, paranormal romance, paranormal erotic romance, and gothic ménage romance, so I have a little of it all for almost every romance reader out there.

For AAD, I hooked up with five brilliant authors, Cassidy K. O’Connor, Louisa Bacio, A. D. Roland, Sheri Lyn, and Lia Davis. We’ve each written a Wickedly Twisted Fairytale for Adults story for the anthology. My story is based off of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. It’s not the fairytale your momma read you, but is scorching hot and for adults only. I joked to my husband that this might be what Amazon considers porn, but I did mix a plot into the sizzling heat of the storyline. Print copies will only be available at AAD. The e-book will release July 26th, 2016, on KU only, so keep an eye out. To celebrate this release, we’ll have a Wickedly Twisted party at AAD on Friday, August 5th, from 5-6 p.m. in the Polaski room. Come dressed as your favorite fairytale character… or if you don’t want to dress up, just come for the fun and prizes!

My dystopian romance, LIE TO ME, was released this past March. It was the first book I wrote where I knew the characters inside and out from the get-go. I’m a pantser, or as I like to say I write from the hot seat, never knowing where a book is going until it takes me there. With Lie to Me, the story wrote itself in an organic way, flowing without any trouble, like I wrote a biography for a past life I’d lived. It was a wonderful experience, but ended all too soon just over a month after I started writing the book.

Lie to Me is set in the 23rdcentury and a biological disease has decimated the population. Those who remain have been driven to desperate measures to survive. Over the course of a century, evolution delivers an answer—the Xeno gene, which provides its bearers with immunity to disease. All adolescent girls are tested for the X-gene, and carriers are obligated to bear children for the good of the human race.

Stone Emmerson, heir to a position of supreme power, is surprised to learn his best friend Kella is an X-gene carrier. He’s quick to claim her as his own, but as a mere servant, Kella can’t help but doubt his motives. Before he can offer the protection of his name, she escapes his household. While he mourns losing her, Kella starts over under an assumed name, and becomes a founding member of the X-Diplomats, a radical group dedicated to stopping enforced X-gene testing and promoting equal rights for commoners.

Years pass before she crosses paths with Stone again. As the web of deceit that has come between them unravels, their love begins to grow. But can Stone turn a blind eye to Kella’s violent revolution and see the justice of her cause? Or will their differences prove too great to overcome? While survival and freedom hang in the balance, what price would you pay to break the chains of oppression?

Where you can stalk me—not really!—but I do love to meet and interact with readers:

Twitter: @GracenMiller

Links to where you can grab any of my books:

Also available on Apple, ARe, & Inktera

Meet an author: Bianca Sommerland


Quick intro for those of you who don’t know me. I'm from Montreal, Quebec, and I write BDSM, ménage, sports romance, and a few other things! Authors After Dark is one of my favorite events and I’m so excited it’s going to be back in Savannah! The area is absolutely beautiful, and while it’s sad that this will be the last AAD, there’s so many AMAZING things planned it’s guaranteed to leave us all with fond memories.

One of my favorite things about AAD is the one on one time I get to spend with so many people I only get to chat with online. Readers who love the same books I do, and who don’t mind chatting about all our favorite fantasy worlds for hours. Everyone is welcoming and ready to have a great time, whether it’s at the parties or panels or visiting the area for some touristy stuff.

I’m gonna take off for a bit, but feel free to ask me questions and I’ll try to pop back in to answer them all! <g> I plan to have several books that haven’t been available anywhere else at AAD, and those I meet will get to hear about the new ones I have planned and coming out soon! Oh, and there will be swag! So much awesome swag I can’t wait to share it with you all!!! <3

If you haven't checked out my work before, a few of them are only 99 cents, just to give you a taste! The most popular is GAME MISCONDUCT(The Dartmouth Cobras #1)

I should give you the warning though:

This ebook contains material not suitable for readers under 18. In also contains scenes that some may find objectionable, including BDSM, ménage sex, bondage, anal sex, sex toys, double penetration, voyeurism, edge play, and hockey equipment being used inappropriately.

Amazon: http://amzn.to/290hEjb
Nook:  http://bit.ly/gamemisBN
Kobo:  http://bit.ly/gamemisKobo
AllRomance:  http://bit.ly/gmARE

You can find me here:
website: http://www.im-no-angel.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Im-No-Angel-Bianca-Sommerland/201933239834387
Twitter: @BSommerland

Meet an author: Patricia Scott


My name is Patricia Scott James and I’ve been writing for years. This year I decided to take my passion and bite the bullet and offer the books I’ve been hording to the masses.  I write steamy romance, mostly steamy romantic suspense. The last thing I’ve finished is a trilogy that combines romantic suspense with a touch of the paranormal. No, it’s not weres or vampires or shifters. The paranormal that I incorporated to the story deals with psychic abilities including telepathy and prophetic dreams. That was fun to write in itself, but the story was spiced up further with a heroine that is deaf. Talk about challenges. Actually writing the story was a lot of fun. I hope you find it fun to read.

As far as the heat level of my stories, from a range of 1 to 10, I think I average somewhere around 7.5.

Publishing and having people read and like my stories would be the icing of my life, another check on my bucket list. Speaking of bucket lists, what’s on yours?  Mine is full of places to see, and experiences to enjoy. From rappelling into a cenote, to ballooning over the Loure valley, to climbing natural rock formations (Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland), to taking a camel ride on the Giza plateau, to playing with baby tigers or swimming with a whale shark, I’m ticking some of my list off and still have so much more to accomplish. Meanwhile I also love to sit on my couch, cuddled by my kitties as I read a book, watch tv, play on the computer and paint blown eggs, I’m all for doing the creative and original.

And another thing to check off the bucket list is that I’m going to my first convention as a writer. Authors After Dark.  I’m super excited about going and meeting some readers. If you are going, come find me. I’ve got some great gifts I’m giving away. I’d love to meet you.

The Second Sight Series is trilogy of steamy romantic suspense novels each with a slight paranormal twist.


Meet an author: Linda mooney



My name is Linda Mooney, and I write sensuous sci-fi, fantasy, and paranormal romances. I also write naughty but humorous romances as Carolyn Gregg, and horror as Gail Smith. You may even see a fourth name on my website (
http://lindamooney.com). I taught music, Pre-Kindergarten, and Kindergarten for 36 years. I’ve been retired for the past two years, and am now writing fulltime. But, to paraphrase an old saw, you can take a teacher out of the classroom, but you can’t take the love of learning out of the teacher. So I also write non-fiction teacher workbooks.

I currently have over 90 books published. All of them are available as ebooks, and most in are print. I have some as free reads, and you can get those directly off my website. 

I’ll have most of my print books at AAD this year, including my newest releases, Mine Until Midnight, a sci-fi Steampunk western, E-reptile Dysfunction, a humorous paranormal fantasy, Lionmeade, a fantasy shifter romance that reads like a medieval, and Neverwylde, Book 4 of the Rim of the World sci-fi series. 

I look forward to meeting with everyone! I’ll be participating in the ribbon activity, as well as the scavenger hunt, and the DVD trade. I’m also hosting a game show on Thursday entitled “Do You Know Your Romance Novels?” Winners will get Amazon gift cards, and all participants will get an ebook! The play action promises to be fast and furious, and loads of fun, so come join in!

Meet an author: K. Margaret


Hey everyone, my name is K. Margaret and I write paranormal romance.  I currently live right outside of Atlanta, Georgia, by way of Northern California and Connecticut. When I’m not writing, I’m working as a title paralegal, hanging out with my teenage daughter, or watching sports. I have a slight (okay, maybe large) obsession with sports. I’m the crazy chick that wakes up to the NFL Network when most people wake up to the morning news.

I started writing poetry as a child, but didn’t really get into writing fiction until I was in my twenties. My best friend and I would sit around and tell stories and one day I decided I needed to put those stories on paper. The voices in my head also demanded it, especially one particular demon. We’ll call her Empusa. 

I released my first book, Dare to Dream, last November, which is also the first book in my Dark Dreams Series.  Endless Nightmare: The Origin of a Demon was released last month. And Dreams in the Dark, Book Two of the Dark Dreams Series is being released at AAD and I’m so excited to introduce you to new characters and check in on some old ones. My books are filled with demons, witches, shifters, slayers, gods, and more. I love to write strong-headed, sarcastic, kickass females and the men who put up with them.

While I have attended AAD several times as a reader, this year will be my first year attending as an author and I’m so excited! I have so much planned and lots of fun stuff to give away. If you’re sitting at my table for the Debut Dinner, you’ll find out all about my favorite saying, WWED (What Would Empusa Do?). We’ll be going a little demon on that one! For my Fantasy Ball table, the theme is witches, but not just any witch. Dreams in the Dark takes place in Savannah and one of the characters is a witch named Tiffany. She’s a total trip and a half, so I couldn’t think of a more perfect setting to base my theme around her and her shop, The Triple Goddess.  Don’t worry though, if you’re not sitting at my tables you’ll be able to find me at other events. I’ll be one of the authors hosting breakfast on Thursday morning, attending the New Release Party, and I’ll be at the Literary Tea (with more fun swag!) Thursday night, you’ll find me down at Smiles, my favorite piano bar. So make sure to stop by, have a drink with me and sing along (just don’t make fun of my horrible singing voice J )

I’ll be getting to Savannah on Monday, so make sure you find me and say hello. The first three people who ask me “What would Empusa do?’ I have a special gift for.

Looking forward to seeing everyone in August!




Release Boost

Title: Igniting The Spark
Author: Michelle Irwin
Release Date: June 30th
Blog Tour: July 10th - July 17th
Release Boost: July 30th

Death beckons, calling Evie Myers to the darkness. She isn’t ready to leave, and Clay isn’t ready to let her go.

After fighting back from the brink, Evie’s life is forever altered. Together with Clay, she finds a home and sanctuary within the fae community. Everything has changed, and life is perfect. Or so they believe.

They soon learn their trip into the heart of the Rain kicked off a revolution, and Clay is called back into the fold. But when Evie needs Clay the most, one mission will risk it all.

When her happy ending hangs in the balance, and everything looks lost, how will Evie find the strength to fight for what she wants the most? 

Amazon UK: http://ow.ly/s3T9301s270

Other Books In the Series

Book #1: Through The Fire

Life could have been different for Evie Meyers. If only she wasn’t a freak.

She wouldn’t be hiding from the Rain, a secret organization intent on destroying all supernatural creatures. Neither would she have run from Clay, the object of her desire.

Her hope for love and a normal life shattered when Clay stumbled onto her biggest secret and revealed one of his own in the process—he’s a soldier for the Rain. Learning that Clay was a threat to her survival, Evie had no choice but to flee.

Now Clay’s back—battle-scarred and mysterious—and the attraction between them is undeniable. Stuck on opposite sides in the war between humans and the supernatural, there seems little hope for a happily ever after. Caught between what her heart wants and what her head knows, something has to give. What will she choose? And what price will she have to pay?

UK: http://amzn.to/1ZbgzKl
AU: http://bit.ly/ttfdof1

Book #2: Rise From Ash

Love has cost Evie Meyers everything. Wounded and alone, she has no choice but to learn how to survive without becoming the monster she is thought to be by the man she loves.

When she discovers a cryptic message from that very man, Clay Jacobs, her mind is thrown into turmoil. It’s second nature for Evie to run, but there is no escaping the memories of their time together. While she is certain it’s a trap, she longs to discover the true meaning of his words. With heart battling mind, her choices send her on a collision course with what was once lost, leaving her life hanging in the balance.

Can Evie rise from the ashes of her charred dreams, or will she burn in the attempt?

US: http://amzn.to/1TGtq0j
UK: http://amzn.to/1Zbh72M
AU: http://bit.ly/rfadof2

Book #3: Into The Rain

Evie Meyers and Clay Jacobs have found paradise in the remote wilderness. Hidden away at the ends of the Earth, they are certain no one can find them. The illusion is shattered when Evie’s former lover Aiden crashes into their sanctuary.

The tension caused by the fae’s arrival escalates when they discover the reason for his presence. An ever-present foe has kidnapped someone precious to his court, and he needs Clay’s help for the rescue. The mission will take them straight into the Rain. The path is a dangerous one, filled with dark secrets and old lies.

With echoes of the past surrounding them and a shadowed threat lurking nearby, both Evie and Clay must put their trust in the hands of an enemy. How will they find a way to reconcile their prejudices and make it out alive?

Amazon US: http://amzn.to/1R6wekw
Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/1OzMpVL
Amazon AU: http://ow.ly/Yt64g

Michelle Irwin has been many things in her life: a hobbit taking a precious item to a fiery mountain; a young child stepping through the back of a wardrobe into another land; the last human stranded not-quite-alone in space three million years in the future; a young girl willing to fight for the love of a vampire; and a time-travelling madman in a box. She achieved all of these feats and many more through her voracious reading habit. Eventually, so much reading had to have an effect and the cast of characters inside her mind took over and spilled out onto the page.

Michelle lives in sunny Queensland in the land down under with her surprisingly patient husband and ever-intriguing daughter, carving out precious moments of writing and reading time around her accounts-based day job. A lover of love and overcoming the odds, she primarily writes paranormal and fantasy romance.

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Meet an author: A.L. Davroe


Hi everyone!  My name is A.L. Davroe (but, you can call me Amanda).  I write a lot of things -- sci-fi, fantasy, horror, romance.  I love anything that falls under the "speculative fiction" umbrella -- if it's not real, I wanna write it.  And I also REALLY like to do revisionist tales and retellings.  There's nothing quite like turning something that people know and love on its head.  Mostly I write these things for teens and adults.

If you want to know about me, I'm quite simple:  I love tea and books and things that are a little strange.  I wear corsets and purple shoes, though not always in the same ensemble.  I make cheese for a living and I write as a hobby.  I love animals but I own cats because, like me, they're independent and discerning creatures.  I like that you have to work to get them to like you.  I blush a lot.  At, like, pretty much everything.  I like sweets...chewy fruity stuff or Cadbury chocolate?  Oh heck yeah, I'm there!  Also, chai tea lattes...I don't think I could live without those, especially during conventions and book deadlines.

I'm a Hufflepuff, a Capricorn, a bit gothic in spirit, and I'm damn proud of all of it.  My life goal is to be best friends with Neil Gaiman.

I've got a few books that are currently out: 

FOR YOUR HEART, a paranormal romance/contemporary fantasy that is a retelling of the Scottish ballad of Tam Lin, is available on Amazon. 

My futuristic Sci-Fi novel, NEXIS, is about a young woman who becomes paralyzed and seeks refuge in a virtual world, that is, until the virtual world starts to seep into her real world (there's some romance in here too!).  You can pick that up online or at a bookstore near you.  And if you like it, the sequel (REDUX) is out December 6. 

This year for Authors After Dark, I'm going to be having a debut horror novel with me called M.I.A. which is about a ghost and a schizophrenic going up against a serial killer in order to save his latest victim.  So far, readers are absolutely loving this book because it's nice and unsettling.  If you like psychological horror, it's totally gonna be your thing.  If you can’t wait for it, I’m currently releasing it on Wattpad.

I'll also (hopefully) have a print edition of my CITY STEAM COLLECTION, a collection of weird and horrific tales that take place in a steampunky, paranormals infested alternate world.  Don't lynch me if I don't have that done in time though, I just got handed a super secret project by my editor that you're probably gonna love way more and that may eat up all my time.

I'm not going to be hosting any special events at Authors After Dark this year because I'm going to have my most favorite readers of all with me:  my mom and my grandmother!  It's going to be their first time at AAD, so I'm going to be showing them the ropes, but that doesn't mean that you shouldn't come say hi -- especially to my grandmother, she likes to make friends with everyone (especially if they like books as much as she does).  If you'd like to catch me, I'll be attending all the meals as well as speaking on a number of panels and, of course, I'll be there for the signing.  I'm so excited to meet you!

Author Email: ALDavroe@gmail.com

Author Website: www.ALDavroe.com

Author Blog: www. ALDavroe.com

Author Twitter: @ALDavroe

Author Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ALDavroeFanPage

Author Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/5212441.A_L_Davroe

Newsletter: http://eepurl.com/RBlXP

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Estrenando Rincón Místico

Bueno ando estrenando 
el Rincón Místico 
espero les agrade 

tendrá una pequeña variedad de temas 
como hechizos
magia de cristales
significado de sueños 
y otra cosas 

Correspondencias por color

Cada color se usa para un significado diferente:

Blancos: pureza, paz, protección

Verdes: dinero, crecimiento, fertilidad

Naranjas: atracción, éxito, energía

Amarillos: intelecto, confianza, viajes

Rojos: coraje, buena fortuna

Hechizo para relajarse

Vivimos en un mundo complicado , todos lo sabemos, donde muchas veces prácticamente todo lo que nos rodea nos molesta o nos pone los pelos de punta.

 En las rutinas en las que vivimos nuestras vidas a veces puede ser complicado calmarse o relajarse en un punto dado, así que aquí les traigo un pequeño hechizo que puede ayudarles con eso.

Meet an author: Armand Rosamilia


My name is Armand Rosamilia. I’m a full-time writer. I’ve been Living The Dream for the past six years of being able to live off of my writing.

But more importantly I enjoy M&M’s and coffee.

I’m (mostly) a horror author. My Dying Days extreme zombie series sells quite well. Enough for me to bathe in M&M’s and coffee at times.

Living The Dream.

I also write in other genres: contemporary fiction, crime thriller, supernatural thriller, and have dabbled in fantasy in the past. I enjoy writing a character-driven story and the more normal the character the better. I rarely have superhero types or military or action Ninja fighting characters. I find them boring as a reader and a writer. I want to know what the average mid-twenties kinda chubby kinda plain-looking girl who works at the makeup counter at the mall would do if the zombie apocalypse became reality. That’s the main character in Dying Days. Her name is Darlene Bobich. She cries a lot. She has panic attacks. But she survives.

I went to the TNEE event in Atlanta for the first time. It was a completely different experience for me because I’m used to horror-heavy cons. It was a great time. Shared a table with author Jay Wilburn. Shared quite a few laughs and stories with dozens of authors in the romance genre I’ve never met before.

AAD will be another great event for me. I can feel it. In my bones, which is pretty deep.

I’ll have quite a few of my books at AAD for sale as well as some cool swag to give away like bookmarks,  fridge magnets, wristbands, bottle openers, etc. I’m not bringing all of my titles this convention because it is a pain in my giant behind to carry so many boxes and because I sell more of the newer stuff anyway. No more carting 50+ different titles with me. I’m thinking more like 12 this time around. We’ll see. I always freak out when I think by not bringing a certain title I’ll miss out on thousands and thousands of sales, even though I usually only stock 3-5 of each title.

Math is not my strong point.

I hope everyone can come out and spend some time with me and a bunch of very cool authors at AAD. If not… it is truly your loss. Frankly, I’m not sure how you’ll be able to sleep at night from this point out, either.

If you can’t hang out with me and everyone feel free to buy all of my books so my children can eat. I’d say so I can eat but it’s obvious from the pictures I don’t miss many meals.

Hope to see ya soon!

Armand Rosamilia

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AuthorArmandRosamilia/

Twitter: @ArmandAuthor

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