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Review Pokemon Shuffle

Well this one will be for Pokemon fans, this one game have make an statement since getting out free in the eshop this month.

It's super addictive and super fun, the only bad thing and I think everyone who played it will agree with me it's the life's stuff, I mean whyyy Nintendo whyyy do you put a hearts system in a game like this that you want to play all day long, that's mean and everyone knows it.

However the stages are pretty cool and the play mode it's pretty easy to understand since it's connecting Pokemon's alike to one another pretty much like candy crush but more cute.

I invite you to try it if you haven't yet, you will not regret it, just go to your eshop and hit the download button, you will have endless fun with this game.


Este post les gustara a los fans de Pokemon, este juego ha hecho adictos a muchos desde su salida en la eshop este mes y lo que es mas totalmente gratis.

El juego es muy adictivo la verdad y totalmente divertido, lo único malo que le encuentro y creo que todos los que lo han jugado concordaran conmigo es el tema de las vidas, digo porque Nintendo porque pondrían un sistema de vidas en un juego como este que quieres jugar todo el día sin detenerte, eso es ser malo y todos lo saben.

Ahora los niveles son bastante cheveres y el modo de juego es bastante sencillo de entender, ya que, vas uniendo los pokemons iguales mas o menos como en candy crush pero mas lindo.

Los invito a probarlo si aun lo han hecho, no se arrepentirán, solo vayan a su eshop y hagan clic en el botón de descargar, tendrán mucha diversión asegurada con este juego.

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Reseña: Ndura Hijo de la Selva

  Este libro lo lei para un tour y luego me gusto tanto que lo compre no pude evitarlo.

La verdad fue un libro de lo mas interesante, un poco de realidad con algo de ficcion la mezcla perfecta de aprender nuevas cosas e interesarse en otras culturas.

El libro me encanto la verdad quiero leer mas libros de este autor otra vez porque te plantea problemas sociales y culturales de una forma muy interesante y casi no lo notas pero te hace crecer un anhelo de conocimiento increible.

la verdad me encantaron las aventuras del pobre protagonista que se ve afectado por un monton de problemas que no entiende pero que indudablemente debe sortear para sobrevivir en esta selva para el hostil y desconocida.

me absorbio desde el primer capitulo y la verdad lo recomendaria para todo el mundo.




 I read this book for a tour and then I liked so much I buy it right away, couldn't help it.

The truth is that it was a book of the most interesting setting, a little reality with something of fiction A Perfect Blend and it grows an interest in learning new things and other cultures.

The book charm me a lot, I want to read more books by this author  again because he puts lots of cultural and social problems in a very interesting way and one almost not notice them, however it  grow an incredible desire for knowledge in everyone.

I loved the adventures of our poor protagonist who is affected by a lot of trouble he don't  understands and now have to overcome them and survive in this jungle hostile and unknown.
It absorbed me from the first chapter and I recommend everyone read this one Worldwide.


Ndura Tour


Title: Ndura . Son de la Selva

Author : Javier Salazar Street

Category: adventure

Publication Date : July 10, 2014

-13 : 978-1500701789

Country Edition : Spain

Number of pages: 226



When a common normal person, anyone of us, suddenly finds himself or herself in a life-and-death situation in the middle of the forest, would he or she know how to survive? 
This is the simple dilemma that is offered to the protagonist of our story, who, returning from a relaxing holiday in Namibia on a typical photographic safari, is involved in an unexpected extreme survival situation in the Ituri forest, in the Republic of Congo in Africa when the plane he was in gets shot down by rebels. 
A place where Nature is not the only enemy and where survival is not the only problem. A classic scented adventure which makes this book the perfect place to escape reality and feel within you, the anguish and despair of the hero while facing the challenges he is presented with. This book smoothly blends emotion and tension when faced with the challenge to survive, but also the psychological degradation of the protagonist throughout the story and an in-depth study on the environment, the animals, the plants as well as the people, that the author carried out. It also teaches us that our perception of where our limits lie are usually wrong, sometimes for better and sometimes for worse.


Book Trailer


Javier Salazar Calle was born in Madrid on July 29, 1976. He is majored in Business Administration and Computer Engineering and has always worked in the banking world. When he was younger he mostly wrote short stories, but later moved on to the world of micro-stories, two of which have been published in two competitions (V Contest of micro-stories about lawyers and Fantasti'CS 2013). One of his poems has also been published in the anthology "Versos desde el corazón" (Verses from the heart).
"Ndura. Son of the forest" is his first book (voted best young adult fiction for 2014) and he has just published his second book "LinkedIn for employees, companies and entrepreneurs" and a third one is on its way, which would have more of a Noir Fiction genre.
He is characterized by the versatility of the topics he addresses and by the prior meticulous investigation labor he carries out before writing his books.

You can find more of his work on

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A Keepers Truth Tour

Title: A Keepers Truth 
Author: Dee Willson
Genre: Literary Romance
Release Blitz: April 1st


Every one of us has a soul.
Some are new, some old, and a few, the dangerous, are lost.
But only twelve know why we have a soul at all.
Only twelve remember mankind’s forbidden past.

Tess thinks she’s going crazy when only she sees the naked man in the crowded café, comatose woman in his arms. The nightmares, the visions: something’s not right. But Tess is entitled to moments of insanity. She’s the daughter of mental illness, suicide, and her husband was just killed in a car accident, leaving her an inept single mom at twenty-six.

Then Tess meets Bryce, Carlisle’s illusive bachelor who spins tales from ancient mythology with knowledge beyond his years. His truths intrigue Tess, pull her from the depths, and might just be what she needs to survive.

Compulsively readable, A Keeper’s Truth is an emotionally charged tale of fate, belief, and the power of the human mind. A story that will have you questioning everything you know about the history of mankind, and wondering if somewhere, deep inside, you knew the truth all along.

Amazon US: http://ow.ly/Zo4AV
Driven Press: http://ow.ly/XCGff

GooglePlay: http://ow.ly/XCGbu

DEE WILLSON, felt the writer’s call at fifteen, when she penned her first novel and received her first rejection letter to go with it. Over twenty years later, with two successful businesses under her belt (both with Canada’s largest book retailer, Indigo Books), Dee Willson rekindled her passion for novels. She joined a hard-core book club, published short stories and interviews, contributed to blogs, and wrote the novel A Keeper’s Truth, followed by GOT (Gift of Travel). Dee is presently working on the second installment in the Keeper’s series, and Meant 2 B, a crazy ghost story riddled with fate.
Social Links: Amazon | Twitter | Facebook | Blog | Goodreads 

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Ndura Gira Virtual


Título: Ndura. Hijo de la selva
Autor: Javier Salazar Calle
Categoría: Aventuras
Fecha publicación: 10 de julio 2014
ISBN-13: 978-1500701789
País edición: España
Nº de páginas: 226


Cuando una persona normal y corriente, cualquiera de nosotros, se encuentra de repente en una situación de vida o muerte en medio de la selva, ¿sabría sobrevivir?

Este es el simple dilema que se le ofrece al protagonista de nuestra historia, que, volviendo de unas tranquilas vacaciones en Namibia, un típico safari fotográfico, se ve envuelto en una inesperada situación de supervivencia extrema en la selva de Ituri, en la República del Congo en África, cuando el avión en el que viaja es derribado por rebeldes. Un lugar donde la Naturaleza no es el único enemigo y donde sobrevivir no es el único problema. Una aventura con aroma a las clásicas de siempre que hacen de este libro el plato perfecto para evadirse de la realidad y sentir uno mismo la angustia y la desesperación del protagonista ante el reto que se le presenta. En este libro se mezcla de forma natural la emoción y la tensión del propio reto de sobrevivir, la degradación psicológica del protagonista a lo largo de la historia y el profundo estudio del medio, sus animales, plantas y personas que ha realizado el autor.

También nos enseña que nuestra percepción de dónde están nuestros límites suele ser errónea, a veces para bien y otras para mal.


Book Trailer


Javier Salazar Calle nació en Madrid el 29 de julio de 1976. Licenciado en Administración y Dirección de Empresas e Ingeniero Informático, siempre ha trabajado en temas relacionados con la banca. De joven se dedicó a escribir sobre todo relatos cortos, pero pronto pasó al mundo de los microrrelatos, dos de los cuales han sido publicados en sendos concursos (V Concurso de microrrelatos sobre abogados y Fantasti'cs 2013)

"Ndura. Hijo de la selva" es su primer libro, pero está cerca de terminar el segundo "Linkedin. La red social del siglo XXI" y está en camino un tercero, dedicado a la novela negra.

Se caracteriza por la versatilidad de las temáticas que trata y por la cuidadosa labor de documentación previa que hace en sus obras.  

Pueden hallar mas sobre su trabajo en


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Día del libro / Book Day

Su Historia
El día 23 de abril fue elegido como "Día Internacional del Libro", pues supuestamente coincide con el fallecimiento de Miguel de Cervantes, William Shakespeare y el Inca Garcilaso de la Vega en la misma fecha en el año 1616. Realmente Cervantes falleció el 22 y fue enterrado el 23, mientras que Shakespeare murió el 23 de abril del calendario juliano, que corresponde al 3 de mayo del calendario gregoriano

En esta fecha también fallecieron William Wordsworth (en 1850) y Josep Pla (en 1981).

La Unión Internacional de Editores propuso esta fecha a la UNESCO, con el objetivo de fomentar la cultura y la protección de la propiedad intelectual por medio del derecho de autor. La Conferencia General de la UNESCO la aprobó en París el 15 de noviembre de 1995, por lo que a partir de dicha fecha el 23 de abril es el "Día Internacional del Libro y del Derecho de Autor".

En otros paises 
Algunos países realizan actos semejantes en otras fechas. En Reino Unido e Irlanda, el primer martes de marzo realizan el llamado «World Book Day» (Día Mundial del Libro).

Chile instituyó su propio Día del Libro en 1927, en recuerdo del natalicio de Andrés Bello, el 29 de noviembre. Con el paso de los años, este día cayó en el olvido y en la actualidad se celebra el Día Mundial del Libro el 23 de abril, al igual que en los demás países.

En Uruguay dicha celebración lleva el nombre de «Día Nacional del Libro» y se realiza el 26 de mayo, dado que fue en esa fecha del año 1816, que se creó la primera biblioteca pública nacional, a partir de la idea de Dámaso Antonio Larrañaga, quien acompañó a Artigas en la Revolución Oriental. «Sean los orientales tan ilustrados como valientes» fue la respuesta del general Artigas ante la consulta de la creación de una biblioteca para todos los orientales.

En Paraguay, por resolución del 9 de junio de 1980 del Ministerio de Educación y Culto, se instituyó el 25 de junio como «Día del Libro Paraguayo». En esa fecha, precisamente el 25 de junio de 1612 el paraguayo Ruy Díaz de Guzmán, primer historiador paraguayo, nieto de Domingo Martínez de Irala y de la india Leonor, concluyó el manuscrito de su obra La Argentina, primer libro escrito en estas regiones de la América.

Regalo para los lectores

Al ser el día internacional del libro escogi 3 lecturas en español que pueden descargar gratis de amazon para su kindle o su app de celular y puedan pasar el día leyendo.

Libros Gratis en español

 http://www.amazon.com/Despertar-Dragones-Reyes-Hechiceros-Libro-Spanish-ebook/dp/B00W2YL9ZC/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1461249220&sr=8-2&keywords=libros+gratis      http://www.amazon.com/Dame-un-mes-soltera-Spanish-ebook/dp/B00H8BHZX4/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1461249220&sr=8-5&keywords=libros+gratis


It's Story

The connection between 23 April and books was first made in 1923 by booksellers in Catalonia, Spain. The original idea was of the Valencian writer Vicente Clavel Andrés as a way to honour the author Miguel de Cervantes, who died on this date. In 1995 UNESCO decided that the World Book and Copyright Day would be celebrated on 23 April, as the date is also the anniversary of the death of William Shakespeare and Inca Garcilaso de la Vega, as well as that of the birth or death of several other prominent authors.

In other countries 


To celebrate this day, Cervantes's Don Quixote is read during a two-day "readathon" and the Miguel de Cervantes Prize is presented by the Spanish king in Alcalá de Henares. In Catalonia, Spain, St. George's Day has been 'The Day of the Rose' since 1436, and involves the exchange of gifts between loved ones and respected people—it is analogous to Valentine's Day. Although World Book and Copyright Day has been celebrated since 1995 internationally, books were exchanged on 'The Day of the Rose' in Catalonia since 1929, in memory of Cervantes.


In Sweden, the day is known as Världsbokdagen ("World Book Day") and the copyright aspect is seldom mentioned. Normally celebrated on 23 April, it was moved to April 13 in the year 2000 and 2011 to avoid a clash with Easter.

United Kingdom

In the United Kingdom, World Book Day is held annually on the first Thursday in March, as 23 April clashes with Easter school holidays; 23 April is also the National Saint's Day of England, St George's Day. Conversely, a separate event World Book Night organized by independent charity The Reading Agency is held on 23 April.

United States of America

In Kensington, Maryland the International Day of the Book is celebrated with a street festival on the Sunday closest to April 26.

Free Ebooks in english

http://www.amazon.com/Journal-Sarah-Gladstone-Thriller-Book-ebook/dp/B00RHH7LLU/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1461248633&sr=8-5&keywords=free+ebooks  http://www.amazon.com/Girl-Between-Laekan-Zea-Kemp-ebook/dp/B00NQL0LRC/ref=sr_1_12?ie=UTF8&qid=1461248633&sr=8-12&keywords=free+ebooks


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Evento: Porque Me Gusta Leer

Book Wormie Spot y Book Bloggers Panamá 
les invita a participar en este excelente evento e iniciativa 
en nuestra ciudad de Panamá. 

Recuerden pasar por nuestro stand de Book Bloggers
donde tendremos muchos juegos y premios 
ademas de exhibición de libros. 

y Recuerden que la entrada es un libro juvenil.


Interview: Chantal Gadoury

Tell us a little about yourself and your background?

Chantal Gadoury is a young author who currently resides near the beaches of Delaware,

though originally from the country side of Muncy, PA. She shares a home with her two

cats, Theo and Harper, and her fiancé Robert. Chantal enjoys to paint in her spare time,

drink a good cup of coffee when she can and appreciates watching her favorite Disney

classics with loved ones. When she’s not busy crafting or reading, Chantal is dedicated to

her family at home: her mom, sister and a furry-puppy-brother (and her Dad, who has now

lives in heaven.) As a 2011 college graduate from Susquehanna University, with a degree in

Creative Writing, writing novels has become a dream come true!

Which writers inspire you? 

Robin McKinley, Edith Pattou, Sarah Dessen, Sarah Maas, Maggie Stiefvater, and Stephanie Meyer.

Have you written any other novels in collaboration with other writers?:

No, I haven’t.

When did you decide to become a writer?

I never had a moment of thinking “Yes, I am a writer.” I’ve just always been one. As a child, I made up stories. When I got older, I started writing a journal. I made story books for my sister with coloring books. I wrote daily in High School with friends. I’ve always been writing. I guess, maybe in High School when I was writing with all my friends, I verbally said out loud, “I want to be a writer when I grow up,” but I knew then that I already was one.. it was just a matter of fulfilling my dream of writing and publishing a novel.

Do you write full-time or part-time?

 Honestly, more of a part-time writer. I wish I had the time to write full-time. I try to write daily. I try to get some hours in of doing something, even if its just for Tumblr. I hope someday that I can be a full-time writer. I’d love that more than anything!

Do you work to an outline or plot or do you prefer just see where an idea

takes you?

I prefer to just see where the characters take me. It’s their story! I love to have them tell me where they went, where they want to go – and who they meet. When I’m writing, it’s the character speaking. If I have an outline, I feel more restricted, like I have to follow that to a T – and it just never works out.

Do you have a strategy for finding reviewers?

No! I don’t. Other than to reach out to readers to ask them to read my novels. But I’m still trying to find the right method! Do you have any pointers?

What are your thoughts on good/bad reviews?

 I think reviews are supposed to be helpful. It helps an author to know what they’ve done well, and other things they could work on. It’s just when reviews are cruel that I feel . . they’re unnecessary. There is a way to critique someone who has just spent all of their time writing something; sharing a part of themselves to the world. Be gentle. It’s okay to not like a book, but it’s not okay to just be vicious about it. 

How can readers discover more about you and you work?

You can find me on all of these social media links:

Blog: http://chantalgadoury.blogspot.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/chantalgadouryfans/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/cgadoury16

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/8059023.Chantal_Gadoury

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/cgadoury16/

Amazon Author Page: http://www.amazon.com/Chantal-Gadoury/e/B00MTLD0P0

Any Comments for the Blog readers?

Please reach out if you have any questions! I’d love that!

Any feedback for me or the blog?

Just thank you for your kindness and

willingness to host me on your blog! 

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Recomendaciones de la semana

Bueno empezare esta semana con las recomedaciones de juegos que creo podrian gustarle a todo el mundo, espero =) 

tratare de poner una o 3 por semana asi tienen en que entretenerse, tambien me pueden recomendar juegos que crean pueden disfrutar todos.

 Este lo empecé a jugar hace poco si no lo has jugado ya, lo recomiendo un montón es un juego de plataforma 2D y la verdad es bastante interesante y divertido. 

Me agrada el hecho de que no es extremadamente difícil ni extremadamente fácil, hay cosas que hay que fallar para poder entender cómo hacerlas y practicando se va a la perfección. 


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Spotlight: Guardians of the Gauntlet

Princesses, sisters Camari and Mila, meet Prince Denir who is in possession of a special gauntlet. This gauntlet only works if one believes in a higher power. With this gauntlet, Denir turns Camari invisible. Trouble occurs when Denir is called off to war, leaving Camari in the predicament of being invisible. Not only must Camari learn to become visible again she must outwit two wicked characters who conspire to steal the gauntlet.

Will Camari have enough faith in her higher power to use the gauntlet? Will she become visible again? Will she outwit the wicked Bogwina (an enchanted Bogwitch) and the evil magician, Mecandel? Who else will she meet on her quest?


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